Let Love Take Over

“Josh, so you see, battles are not won with weapons, but with faith and courage. Someday you would grow up and become a hero, like David.”

 Joshua decided never to be a hero again when he blamed himself for the tragedy during his teenage days. The demons of his past profoundly, affect his present as he stops taking charge of his life. Be it his toxic boss Mayur who exploits him and his friends or the challenges his wife encounters, he does not take a stand for his loved ones. His fears wreck his beautiful marriage with Susan.

Will he find his redemption? How will he save his marriage?

Let Love Take Over is a riveting story of true love which overcomes all adversities and challenges the notion of a “hero”. The adventurous journey of Joshua and Susan will keep you engaged throughout and leave you inspired.

A modern adaptation of David and Goliath, that entails a tale of loss and redemption that will ultimately make you believe in love.

It’s a story of finding courage and fighting for what you love.

The characters in ‘Let Love Take Over’ are relatable and as you read the book, it will give you a feeling of having a conversation with a long-lost friend.

The book is packed with suspense, that will keep you guessing till the end.

“Josh, good things happen to good people. Have faith and keep doing what is right. The good you do will always come back to you.”

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